18 Reasons Why It Rocks to Become a CrossFit Athlete

Ermahgerd- Crersfert!” Is probably the first thing that comes to mind to the many who have never experienced an exercise routine with such high demands. Just looking at the bodies of Crossfit athletes is enough to intimidate even those who are vigilant in regular exercise. Crossfit is known for the awesome, powerful results it has on the bodies of all those who stick with the intense, hardcore activities it involves.

Let’s visit 18 reasons why it ROCKS to be a Crossfit athlete!

1. In CrossFit, you are warming up with the amount of weight that is someone else’s max.

2. Every Crossfitter gets to choose just HOW good they want to be.

Exercise isn’t about how good you are or aren’t! Exercise is about getting yourself to the ultimate goal of health and wellness you want.

3. Crossfit athletes drink (metaphorically) from the “Fountain of Youth”.

Did you know that you can tap into your body’s own personal “Fountain of Youth” with just a bit of self discipline, motivation, will power, dedication and through sacrificing the junk in your life to promote your maximum health? That’s right- your heard it, you can tap into your body’s own personal “Fountain of Youth”! How? Easy. When you involve yourself in a high intensity, power-based exercise routine, you are getting top aerobic fitness, promoting important anabolic hormones and burning a high count of calories in a very short amount of time. Specifically, HGH and IGF-1 are produced which are known to have an anti-aging effect. What does all that mean? That sports, like Crossfit, will help you to look fantastic, feel fantastic and battle the effects of aging! Doesn’t it feel good to suck it up?

4. Crossfit athletes have less depression, better sex, more energy, stronger bones and a sexy body to top it all off. Of course, these excellent results won’t happen overnight. It is going to take a bit of pain, time and effort. The end result, though, will be way beyond worth it all. Exercise relieves depression, strengthens your bones, prevents osteoporosis and it also relieves joint disorders because of the building and use of muscles. Not to mention, exercise increases libido, increases your energy, builds your confidence and heightens self-esteem.

5. Training isn’t training- the results Crossfit athletes achieve is from having fun!

Earn your results through a large variety of fun activities. You will never have to be bored! Plus, as long as you have 20 minutes a day to spare, Crossfit can fit right into your daily activities. With a mixture of cardio exercise and weight training/resistance, the options of getting a great work out are endless! Join group activities, such as classes or train alone. Just keep your focus and push yourself through any doubts or temptations.

6. The ground is always steady under a Crossfit athlete’s feet.

Patience, along with a healthy dose of understanding reality, will be one of many keys to your success. Choose activities at first within Crossfit that work for you. You can do rope climbing, rowing, jump rope, running, box jumps, weightlifting, pull-ups, kettle bells, use of medicine balls- use your imagination when you are not in a training center. By not focusing on a specific activity, your body is trained through Crossfit to be able to be ready for whatever comes your way, no matter what condition your body finds itself in, for example – pregnancy in women.

Bringing us to number seven…

7. Most women, pregnant or not, have never, in their life, looked as good as the pregnant Crossfit athlete. Crossfit gives it’s athletes special advantages that other people aren’t entitled to.

8. The sport of fitness creates humble athletes. Knowing they are not the best at something, means you are going to try even harder to do better than your current best.

9. Crossfit athletes get the best workouts with complete balance. This gives them the best results for the hard work they put in.

Crossfit will strengthen and condition your core. Through the changing, different routines presented to your body everyday, the Crossfit activities activate and target many important muscle groups. There are ten fitness categories that experts believe need to be in balance to get the most from your exercise routine. This includes the heart and lung endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Imagine having a well-rounded, efficient routine that achieves you a higher level of fitness with no special equipment needed. That is Crossfit.

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