Top 14 Most Influential People in CrossFit Fitness

The CrossFit Fitness program began with a broad spectrum of devices and workouts for combat specialists, police officers, and survivalists. In general it was to keep many of our hard working individuals healthy and in shape for their jobs. Greg took it one step further and let other people begin the workout and after that, Crossfit exploded worldwide. With a 95% retention rate, other affiliates opened up and the exercising fundamentals changed.

The Crossfit games is an exciting event. Worldwide competitors will meet in CrossFit games. Unlike any other event, it grows exponentially every year and sees no end in sight to it’s potential. If you are into CrossFit, these are the people you might have taken notice of.

1. Dave Castro- Started the first of the games. From a tiny little program for the fun of the event, all the way to a giant competition. Dave is the mastermind behind the outreach of the program and the Crossfit games. On the Castro families ranch the first series of the games was held. Thanks Dave for you ingenuity and vision.

2. Rich Froning- In the 2010 rope climbs, Rich fell over twenty feet and held on for second place. With hard work, he returned to show that not all injuries are fatal and worked his way to first place with his determination and tenacity. For his sacrifice, he won a $250,000 dollar check and a layout in People Magazine.

3. Nicole Carrol- She set standards for the programs and for a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. Each must have a certificate verifying they are through the American National Standards Institute or ANSI. The accreditation is a wonderful achievement for the Crossfit program and excellent for newcomers. They know that Crossfit is not only fun, but very serious on health issues and safety.

4. Chris Spealer and Jason Khalipa- Showcasing the differences for all athletes, and the versatility of the program to work for each individual. Famous in their own right, people flock to stand in line to have photographs with these two friends. Pioneers in the movement of Crossfit, they still competed as of 2012.

5. Annie Sakamoto- She excites women of all ages by her determination and by her example of never giving up. She started one of the affiliates just down the road from the first gym. At five foot one, she can clean and jerk 155 pounds and light the fire under most men to exercise!

6. Carey Kepler- Dubbed the ‘People’s Champ’. A mother of two with ripped abs, works out right along with the men. She’s an over thirty athlete that doesn’t even look like she made it over thirty. Her physical beauty has stunted her in her pre-thirty age. Go Carey!

7. Kyle Kasperbauer- The second most active on the list is Kyle. He’s a steamy second place running back from the University of Nebraska.

8. Scott Carlson- Scott is a director with Crossfit and comes in as the number three over all of athletic competitors.

9. Neal Maddox- This man is a Crossfit champion on his own. He trained without a trainer and achieved the Crossfit Level 1 certificate. He has played football in the passed, and exudes determination and great athleticism.

10. Jeff and Mikki Martin- Defied the odds and began programs for the kids. They heard the cry of not only thousands of kids that needed exercise, but also Michelle Obama and her program to fight childhood obesity. Crossfit Kids is designed to get kids moving and grooving, not only changing their attitudes toward activity, but also their waistlines. Nice job Jeff and Mikki!

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